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Dear Supporter,

We’re working long hours everyday on our feature length documentary, which exposes more evidence of GMO health dangers than ever before. The timing is just right. California will have a labeling measure on the November ballot, and voters need a big dose of hard-hitting facts that will inspire them to avoid GMOs, not just label them.

For greatest impact, we’re beefing up our visuals and sound, and can use your help. Our wish list includes people with skills in:

  • Motion graphics
  • Animation
  • Visual effects
  • Sound engineering
  • Sound track production
  • Theatrical trailer editing
  • Camera work (for shooting additional “B-roll”)
  • Translation (lots of languages for global distribution)
  • Filmmaking/editing (To use the footage to produce trailers, short pieces, PSAs, and TV commercials)
We also need researchers to search the web for script-related images, footage, articles, etc.

While we have some funds due to the generous donations and matching grant from Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com (thank you all so much), we certainly prefer donated services, so we can stretch our budget for maximum promotion and distribution.

We will not be releasing the film in April as originally targeted, since the project has grown way beyond what we were first planning. This is big. Very big.

Send inquiries to gmovideo@responsibletechnology.org

You can also support this important work by donating to the film today. 

Link not working? Copy and paste this into your web browser: http://bit.ly/x8s5KW

Thanks again for your support.

Staff at IRT

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