GMO Free USA Launches! Campaign #1: Boycott Kellogg’s

Americans come together to Say NO to Kellogg's GMOs! Join the Boycott

On June 26, 2012, Kellogg Company contributed $20,167.59 to the California political campaign known as The COALITION AGAINST THE COSTLY FOOD LABELING PROPOSITION, SPONSORED BY FARMERS AND FOOD PRODUCERS. This organization was set up to spread propaganda about the cost of labeling GMOs to California residents. In this digital age, you have to wonder why a company would spend more money than it could possibly cost to change their product labels to fight against the consumer’s right to know what we are eating.

Kellogg's products contain genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs) that were released into our food supply without independent long term testing. The FDA does not oversee the nature or extent of testing that these GMOs undergo. Instead, they allow the companies that develop them and profit from their sale, to determine whether they are safe. "The superficial studies they do conduct are widely criticized as rigged to avoid finding problems.*  “Genetic engineering is crude and imprecise, and the results are unpredictable.”**  Mounting scientific evidence has shown that the GMOs in our food supply are not safe for human consumption.

Kellogg's products contain an EPA Registered Pesticide also known as GMO Bt Corn, and other GMOs that have been scientifically linked to health problems. These problems include:

    •    infertility
    •    organ damage
    •    certain cancers
    •    leaky gut
    •    autism
    •    autoimmune diseases
    •    allergies
    •    birth defects
    •    inflammatory bowel diseases
    •    learning disabilities
    •    attention deficit disorders
    •    accelerated aging
    •    faulty insulin regulation

The FDA doesn't care, BUT WE DO. Please take a moment to email Kellogg's executives and customer service. Share the scientific evidence. Tell them that Kellogg's Corn Flakes are no longer an American Icon and you will be boycotting Kellogg's products until they remove GMOs!

James Jenness

Chairman of the Board, Kelloggs

John Bryant

President & CEO, Kelloggs

Margaret Bath

Sr. VP Research, Quality & Technology, Kelloggs

Mark Baynes

VP & Global Chief Marketing Officer, Kelloggs

Brad Davidson

Sr. VP & President, Kellog North America

Linda Goldman

Manager, Consumer Affairs Dept., Registered Dietician, Kelloggs