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Consumers deserve the right to know!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may soon approve AquAdvantage transgenic salmon as the first genetically engineered (GE) animal intended for human consumption.  The FDA’s own studies showed that GE salmon may contain more allergens, require more antibiotics and contain elevated levels of the cancer-promoting hormone IGF-1.  These GE fish not only threaten human health, but marine life, wild salmon populations, and fishing economies. To make matters worse, the FDA argues that these GE salmon don’t need to be labeled! 

Please act now to prompt California legislators to pass Assembly bill AB88, which requires all genetically engineered salmon sold in California to be clearly labeled.  The CA Assembly Health Committee will take a vote on the bill on April 26th in Sacramento, so it is critical to act quickly, and let your California legislators now how much you want the bill to pass.  AB88 protects California consumers’ right-to-know, and protects wild salmon from GMO contamination.   Please act today, and contact Health Committee members!  Consumers deserve the right to know!

Dear California Representative,

We strongly urge you to support Assembly Bill (AB 88) requiring genetically engineered salmon sold in California to contain clear and prominent labeling.

Opinion polls have shown that 95% of Americans want labeling of genetically modified food, and over 75% would not eat genetically modified seafood. Some consumers are concerned about the health consequences of consuming genetically modified salmon. know from the studies submitted by the FDA’s own scientists that GE salmon varieties may contain more allergens, require more antibiotics, and contain elevated levels of the cancer-promoting hormone IGF-1.

Consumers deserve the right to know what they are eating, and private companies should not be allowed to take away an individual’s right to be informed. By requiring mandatory labeling of genetically engineered salmon, California has the opportunity to protect consumer’s safety and right to know. Please join us by supporting Assembly Bill 88. 

Thank you for your consideration.
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3882 Mon Apr 25 15:32:50 EDT 2011 David Liccione Keep your frakenfish out of the food supply!
3881 Mon Apr 25 12:18:58 EDT 2011 Anonymous Let the consumer decide if he/she wants to eat GMOs.
3880 Sun Apr 24 16:01:01 EDT 2011 Paula Fonseca
3879 Sun Apr 24 01:10:32 EDT 2011 Bill Mosier
3878 Sat Apr 23 17:08:10 EDT 2011 Anonymous 207 -->206it is an outrage to have foods sode to us in California that do not have HONEST labels! we Demand we have all the label information that has an affect on our health so we can make intelligent food choices
3877 Sat Apr 23 16:08:07 EDT 2011 Anonymous
3876 Sat Apr 23 12:42:06 EDT 2011 Sherry Hudson
3875 Sat Apr 23 10:42:24 EDT 2011 Maura Knowles
3874 Sat Apr 23 10:21:59 EDT 2011 Gary Gregoire Are politicians really going to allow GMO without full study and disclosure, the same way they did DDT and thalidomide? Surely we have learned something in the last 100 years!
3873 Sat Apr 23 01:17:51 EDT 2011 Jelica Roland
3872 Fri Apr 22 19:30:08 EDT 2011 David Quinn Under a policy announced in 2008, the F.D.A. is regulating genetically engineered animals as if they were veterinary drugs and using the rules for those drugs. And applications for approval of new drugs More....
3871 Fri Apr 22 19:22:55 EDT 2011 Elaine Hogan
3870 Fri Apr 22 18:18:06 EDT 2011 Vincent Young
3869 Fri Apr 22 16:16:14 EDT 2011 Alan Friedman California must LEAD THE NATION in this immensely important issue of labeling genetically modified organisms!
3868 Thu Apr 21 15:23:31 EDT 2011 Haji & Phil Warf
3867 Thu Apr 21 10:30:47 EDT 2011 Teresa Rivas
3866 Wed Apr 20 23:36:38 EDT 2011 Alexandra Doyle Bauer
3865 Wed Apr 20 23:01:42 EDT 2011 Manijeh Bosse
3864 Wed Apr 20 22:59:53 EDT 2011 Manijeh Bosse
3863 Wed Apr 20 21:51:43 EDT 2011 Anonymous
3862 Wed Apr 20 16:43:40 EDT 2011 Nathalie Allan
3861 Wed Apr 20 13:38:06 EDT 2011 Anonymous I don't want to eat genetically modified foods. Please label them so that those who don't wish to eat them can make informed purchases. Consumers have a right to know exactly what they are feeding their More....
3860 Wed Apr 20 01:07:46 EDT 2011 Anonymous You must pass AB88
Experiments like this is criminal to the human race.
3859 Tue Apr 19 23:42:40 EDT 2011 kELLEEN CORNELL
3858 Tue Apr 19 18:37:21 EDT 2011 Anonymous
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