Tell The EPA To Not Approve The GMO Mosquito

The EPA is reviewing plans to release Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes in the Florida Keys and Texas. Will you be part of the experiment?

Make your voice heard! Please comment by June 7th.

GMO mosquitoes have already been shipped to Florida. The mosquitoes were developed by the British company- Oxitec - using synthetic DNA based on the Herpes Virus and E.coli. There have been no environmental or human health studies. And once they are released, there is no recall.

If they get the go ahead for Florida and Texas, your home may be next. You can be sure they’ll do it in other states.

Oxitec either can’t or refuses to satisfy basic questions about the potential long-term environmental or health impacts of these lab-created insects. Not needed. Not wanted. Not proven safe.

Oxitec had originally planned to release the GMO bugs in Florida’s Key Haven, but the residence there overwhelmingly rejected them in a 2016 referendum.

But Oxitec's GM mosquitoes have been released in the Cayman Islands, Panama, and Brazil for the purpose of reducing the population of the Aedes aegypti variety—which can carry dengue and zika. But there’s no evidence that the mosquitoes reduce the incidence of these diseases.

In fact, according to new evidence, Cayman Island government officials said there was not even a “significant reduction of abundance” of that type of mosquito.

Further, the briefing produced by GeneWatch UK from Freedom of Information requests shows a significant increase in the number of female mosquitoes collected in the experimental release area.

Oxitec falsely claimed that only non-biting male mosquitoes are released but was forced to admit that huge numbers of biting females are released or born of the GMO males.

According to IRT founder Jeffrey Smith, the GMO mosquito poses real risks for human health and the environment. There are also other strategies that are less costly, less risky, and more effective. And although Oxitec tries to paint the picture that all offspring of the GMO mosquitoes are non-viable and will die, in fact, the survival rates range from 3%-18%, setting the stage for a permanent change in the mosquito gene pool.

“To calculate the human and environmental impact of releasing a genetically engineered mosquito is not rocket science — it’s far more complex. But Oxitec has demonstrated consistent incompetence and blatant lying to try to get their dangerous technology accepted.”

Comment period extended until June 7th. 

Tell the EPA to not approve the GMO mosquito.

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